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A custom color changing chameleon shell has been added to give your playstation 4 controller a different look every time you pick it up. The color changes right before your eyes.

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Best SMG's In Call of Duty Black Ops IIII

You cannot have a Call of Duty game without some kickass SMG’s. Well Call of Duty Black Ops IIII is no different. I love an SMG and feel that they are the kind of gun that is great if you are a run and gun style of player.

Looking at the stats for these SMG’s was rather interesting as in all honesty it is not until you dive really deep into the stats that you see the small differences between each one.

Saug 9mm: I would put this one at the top of the list, but only just. Base damage is 28 and head damage is 30. 5 headshots are required for a kill and 6 body shots are what you need to do if you are not a skilled marksman. The reason I put this one top is that the speed of it means that the time it takes to kill when you are hitting the body is .032 seconds. This is the fastest of all the SMG’s.

Spitfire: The Spitfire has a head damage of 29 and body damage of 27. It does take 6 body shots to kill an opponent and also 6 headshots. What makes me like this though is that the speed of the gun makes it so it only takes 0.34 seconds to kill a guy. Even with the extra headshot required the speed means it only takes 0.34 seconds with six headshots.

Cordite: This gun has a headshot damage of 30 and a body damage of 28. 5 body shots and 6 headshots are what you need to hit in order to take a guy down. The time to kill for body shots is 0.44 seconds which is a hair quicker than the ones I have not put on this list.

There really is not a whole lot in it when it comes to the SMG’s in Black Ops IIII. However, the quicker rate of the Saug 9mm makes it the one to pick for me.

The Best Sniper Rifle in Call of Duty Black Ops IIII

Take a look and see what the best sniper rifles are in Call of Duty Black Ops IIII.

Paladin HB50: With 140 base damage and 150 plus head damage this gun is a monster in the right hands. Only two body shots to kill and it is instant death with a headshot. It can be a little slow on the reload, but if you hit a headshot that does not matter.

Outlaw: Now some would say the Paladin is the way to go, but if you look at the stats of the Outlaw. It has 150 plus head damage and is an instant kill with a headshot. However, it has less body damage at 110. The reload rate though is quicker so death by two body shots is actually considerably quicker with this gun. But if you are a sniper, you are playing for the headshot so does it really matter?

SDM: You might have expected me to put the Koska here as it is an instant kill with a headshot, but I think the SDM is the better weapon for a sniper. I say that because while it is a two hit kill for a headshot the kill time for body shots is only 0.42 so if you like playing as a sniper, but cannot always get the headshot, this could be the gun for you.

The Best LMG's and Assault Rifles In Cod Black Ops IIII

I have been having a blast playing Black Ops IIII. While I have been enjoying actually playing the game I have also had a lot of fun getting into the community more and delving deeper into the game. For example, I have found it very interesting looking at the stats for the different weapons in the game.

I am more of a run and gun style player so I thought I would start by taking a look at the LMG’s and rifles that Call of Duty Black Ops IIII has to offer.

VKM 750: This is the most powerful weapon in this class and it is an LMG. It has the highest base damage and headshot damage. The base damage is 62 and the headshot damage is 68. This means that it takes three shots no matter where you hit to kill your opponent.

Titan: This is another LMG and the second most powerful. The base damage is 46 and the headshot damage is 59. So three headshots will take a guy down and four body shots will take them down. While it is not the most powerful, I actually really like this weapon and thanks to being quicker than the VKM 750 I actually think it is a better gun.

Rampart 17: Now if you ask me the Rampart 17 is the best assault rifle in the game so far. It has a base damage of 46, headshot damage of 50 and the fastest time to kill (with a headshot) of any gun in this class. Four body shots and three headshots are what is needed to kill an enemy.

These are just three of the weapons in this category. I know that the VKM 750 has the most power behind it, but I really do prefer the Titan as it is faster.

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